Monday, June 4, 2012

Lessons in Blue

Alternate Title:  Privately I called this quilt "Evil Quilt of Doom".  I was pregnant at the time.  Tears came often.

Pattern:  I drew this pattern four times before I was happy with it.

Date:  Top finished 2006

Size:  64 x 80

Inspiration:  Precut fabrics were donated to LBCQ.  I finally had a sewing machine of my own so I volunteered to take them home and play.

Special Fabrics:  Some of the fabrics were starched, some were super stretchy.  My favourite was a green fabric with bugs and the yellow fabric with frogs.

Lessons Learned:  When sewing 2 pieces together, the bottom piece will stay the same, but the top piece can stretch out a little.

To match seams, put a needle through the 2 seams.

When designing a quilt, attempt to put together pieceable squares that can then be fitted together. ( I was working with pre-cut squares that I was doing my best not to further cut down.  This resulted in a lot of T-seams.  For a beginner quilter, it was very trying.)

Thoughts:  A member of LBCQ machine quilted this and it was sold at an MCC auction for approx $70.


  1. Fun fabric - really nice pattern!

    1. Thank you, June! This was my first attempt at designing :)