Friday, July 6, 2012

Leslie's Quilt

Date:  2006

Reason:  The boss of the place I was working wanted a quilt to commemorate the different shirts that the business had designed over the years.  This is my first commissioned piece.

Fabrics:  I used my own denim stash and the shirts that she gave me.  The dark blue corduroy that I used for the back was from the local warehouse.

Lessons:  This was early in my quilting life:  PREWASH FABRICS!  (It seems basic now).  The darker denims discoloured some of the tshirt fabics.

At the time, the walking foot was what I used for quilting.  It helped ease the way across stretch fabrics (i use a darning foot now).

Use thinner batting for a denim quilt.

Thoughts:  Remember to take a picture at the end!!!

I kept track of my hours.  It came out to 32!

Charge more next time.

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