Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I was trying to make a joke, but the joke turned out to be on me.  I took fabrics I thought were ugly and put them into a potholder.  How beautiful is this???

Here's another potholder with the same pattern, different fabrics.  Doesn't look early as nice, does it?!

Fabric selection is everything.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Colour Garden

I have this thing about scraps.  I can't toss 'em.  Until they are less than 1½" square, they are stashed by colour into a fabulous 6-drawer plastic organizer I found at Canadian Tire.

The problem with this system is the drawers get full.  A couple years ago I started sewing those scraps together by colour and cutting them in to 6½ squares because that's the ruler I had available at the time.

I also used blocks that I had made out of curiosity and practice.

This quilt was a UFO for a long time until I decided how to sew them together.  Then the call came in June - what can you do for us by September?  This was one of three.  I wish I took a better picture of the finished product.

The quilt was unveiled in a hospital room in Edmonton.  Everyone was pleased. *whew*

I should start a new scrap quilt.  I feel that this one was a success!

Lessons Learned:  I need to make note of the thickness of this fill.  It was too thick - although it made for a cozy quilt, it was difficult to put through the sewing machine.