Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bunkhouse on Point

Date:  December 2010

Reason:  Mum and Dad painted their bunkhouse and made it so pretty inside.  I wanted to contribute to it so I made this for them for Christmas.  I chose these colours to match the bedding.

Best deals:  This was made entirely from scraps.  My friend Gloria gave me a bag of leftovers.  The border is from that bag.

Thoughts:  I didn't use a pattern for this and it was the first time I did anything "on point" it's far from perfect.

I started making 6½" squares when my scrap drawers got too full.  I also used blocks like this in The Colour Garden.

It was a ton of fun to use blue and yellow DMC floss to stitch around the seams.  I tried my best to use a different stitch for every line.  It was very challenging and required some research.

Mother thought this was too nice to put in the bunkhouse :)

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