Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emmalee's Fight

Two years ago, the daughter of one of my favourite people got sick.  Leukemia.  A nightmare of epic proportions followed.  What would you do if your three year old said "please stop the pokeys, I'll be a good girl."?

Just this month, two years later, this family got the blissful news that, six months early, her treatments are ending.  There are not enough words for the joy.

A friend of mine gave me the triangles - extras from one of her projects.   The back (yellow) was left over from another project.

Lessons:  Be careful of thread count.  All flannel is not created equal.  Loose weaves can be a lot of trouble.

Thoughts:  This was made in the Quilt as you Go method.  It's such a fast way to make a quilt!

It is my understanding that this the quilt went with them to cancer care.

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