Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilt for Uganda

Date:  January 2013

Reason:  I got wind of a care package being sent to a friend in Africa.  She works with street boys.  I thought a quilt might be useful.

Fabrics:  All these fabrics were given to me for the purpose of making utility type quilts for charitable organizations.

Thoughts:  I see God in the making of these quilts when the right pieces are available in the right sizes.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pink Delight I

Date:  January 2013

Reason:  When I found the fabric for purple, I also fell in love with this roll set.  One roll is going to make me two baby quilts.  Here's the first.

Thoughts:  This quilt top and her sister top have been hanging out in a box waiting for me to find the right chocolate for the border.  I'm glad to be able to get one of the two off my extensive to-do list.

I've got a little ripple going on here but I don't think I was tugging too much on the binding too much.  However, I did quilt the border separately so I'm wondering if that made the difference.  I'll quilt to the edge on the next one and see if that changes anything.

Update: January 2014  This quilt was given to a baby named Emily.