Friday, January 17, 2014

PCC 4 of 6

Date:  January 2014

Reason:  My goal is to make 6 baby quilts for the Pregnancy Care Centre in January.

Fabrics:  A friend gave me finished and unfinished blocks as well as random pieces of the same fabric.  I used the previously made units to make blocks and made additional blocks from the fabric.

The bindings were end scraps from various bindings that various people have given me - four pieces in all.  (I am a magnet for other people's unfinished projects and scraps and for the most part, I LOVE it).

Thoughts:  Usually I would get out the walking foot to quilt something like this but because I'm doing the Building Blocks Quilt Along with Leah Day, I figured I should suck it up and so these straight lines are entirely done FREE MOTION.  Obviously I need more practice, but still - pretty excited that it worked at all.  I found that rather than doing straight lines left to right or right to left, I preferred to move the quilt back as if I'm sewing a seam.

There is a heart stitched onto the back because I accidentally ripped the fabric after I had quilted most of it.  Yeah.  Winner.

The small prints were so dizzyingly busy together, a white sash was necessary just for a little separation and relief.

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