Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kiwis (And Flies)

Date:  Early 2013 - August 2014


Pattern:  Missouri Star Quilt Company "Pheobe's Flower Box" YouTube video here.

Reason:  I needed to empty my green scraps drawer.  Irony:  My sister gave me a gift of scraps when I was nearly finished the top.  Half of them were green.

Fabric / Best Buys:  I'm fairly sure every single piece in the top is a scrap aside from the sashing and border.  I used darker fabrics wrong side out when I needed a lighter value.  The border is from the box my sister gave me.

Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this pattern.  I also loved improvising the back with leftover scraps.  There is a free class on that teaches different methods.  That's where I got the idea.

My seven year old named this quilt.  I tried to shorten it down to Kiwis, but "Kiwis and Flies" stuck in my head.

The flower quilting took a long time.  I got really good at petals by the time flower number 600 rolled around.

Lessons Learned:  Do math better.  Buy more than I think I need.  I found myself a fat quarter short of a discontinued fabric.  I asked for help on Quiltville's FB site.  Someone immediately said she'd mail me what I needed free of charge.  Quilters are the best thing since rotary cutters.


  1. I think Kiwis and Flies is a perfect name. Very catchy. I love the visual illusions this quilt makes. I'd like to stare at it in person for a while, it is hard to see properly in that little picture.

    Oh quilting! Maybe this winter?
    I did have my sewing machine out last week! Woot!

    1. I hope you get to do lots of quilting. I can't imagine the withdral you must have going on!

  2. I love the improv/pods backing. Very modern and a great way to use up some scraps. I'm not a good judge of how much fabric to buy, though. I always have too much.

    1. Thank you Becca - my inspiration for the back was a free class. So much fun!