Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dancing Butterflies

The coolest thing happened yesterday.  I opened my email to discover that because I had linked my finished quilt ( to her gallery, I had won a random draw for her next tutorial.

I was going to pass on the 2015 class (even though it looked so pretty) because I thought I should take classes in more than just FMQ - I may or may not have purchased two classes on Craftsy.  For half price of course.

This year for Christmas, my husband is giving me the best thing ever- a shopping spree on Connecting Threads. He feels like he is copping out a bit by letting me choose my own present, but I absolutely love taking my time, buying things I would never otherwise (like fun rulers) and perusing the precuts.  Oh joy!  I graciously offered to share the experience with him so he could feel more involved in the process, but he gave me a very expressive look and didn't bother to answer.

Anyway - the reason I mention my husband's gift is because I thought it would be fun to shop for the tutorial with it so I emailed Leah  - who is still putting the finishing touches on her book - and asked if she had a materials list ready.  Within hours she emailed a jpg of the back cover of the book.  I love this girl.  She doesn't stand apart or act like a celebrity and she talks about real life on her blog - her struggles and joys.

It looks like I'll be appliqueing butterflies next year.  Is anyone planning on having a girl in the fall?