Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 UFO List

In 2014 I finished four UFOs, made five new quilts start to finish and completed eight projects for the local pregnancy care centre.  I wish my UFO count was higher.  Here's a list of my current UFOs in pictures:

Purple Jacob's ladder - barely started and - is this called Trip around the World?  I don't know - but I'm adding more outside the black border, just to make it larger.

I need to make more string blocks to bring this to a good size - and I'll be working on the Grandmother's Flower Garden for a while.

I haven't decided what to do next with the cream and burgundy - it's not very big. My daughter is posing on a quilt that will go to a charity when it is done.

These pinwheels will likely go to a mission when they are done.  I just got more white for Christmas so I can continue with them now.  The other pinwheels are one block of 9 that are complete in a HST sampler that's been hanging around for years. I think I want at least 12 blocks in that one.

These are a series of breast cancer wall hangings that I'm not certain of the future of.  The Dresdens are huge.  I just came into the grey needed to continue with them.


I also have a mini log cabin and a paper piecing project that I don't have any pictures of.  My 2014 Aurifil challenge is 2 months behind.  Is that a UFO yet?


  1. Somehow I missed this post.
    LOVE the trip around the world! Also love your hexagons, you have lots already!
    The dresdons are very cool. Did you make them? I think they'd made a great centre for a quilt, kind of like how Dad's 60th has a big centre block. Love Dad's pattern, so different, yet still makes sense.

    1. Yes, I made the dresdans. I want to make some of all different sizes to put on the same quilt - float them in negative space.