Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Love Scraps Mark II

Pattern:  N/A

Size: 30 inches square

Date:  January 2016

Reason / Fabrics:  My Aunt gave me a fresh box of scraps - instead of sorting them by colour into my drawers, I immediately started using them as leaders and enders while I sewed "I'm Blue" ( to come to a blog near you soon).  It worked really well and really quickly.  It wasn't long before I had these blocks.

It is quilted with my walking foot.  It has a little blue marking pen on it still - that will come out when I wash it.

Seriously - who needs a baby quilt?  Any showers in your future?  Can I mail you one?  I'm pretty sure I have at least ten, perhaps even a dozen baby quilts hanging about my house. 

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