Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome Baby

Date:  September - December 2015

Pattern:  Wonky Crosses

Reason:  A new baby in the family!

Fabrics:  Most of the fabrics were a gift from my sister.  I took one look at the bundle and said "You're really trying to push me out of my comfort zone, aren't you?"  Yikes.  Fabrics with more than ONE colour in them.  Eek.  Yes, I'm a monochromatic girl.

I added a couple dots from my stash.  I LOVE dots.

Thoughts:  I knew I'd make this pattern again.  The first time was here.  It's a fun and easy top because the blocks are improvisational and just need to be squared up when they are done.

Lessons Learned:  Find out of the recipients are going to be close by in the near future before shipping a package to another country.

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