Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Table Runners for MCC

Last week I posted a quilt called "The Eighties Called".  I used blocks from my favourite mission thrift store to create a quilt that will sell for more money than the bits would individually.  It was the last of the UFOs I had borrowed.

I mentioned this tragedy to a friend.  The next day she showed up at my office with four more projects.  Here are two of them, completed.

The tops were completed, they just needed a bit of quilting and / or binding.

The next two are a little bit more complicated - full sized tops!  The first is HSTs.  That should be easy, she said naively.  The second is diamonds.  That one will be a bit more challenging.

If possible, they need to be done by the end of  May, but no pressure, my friend said.

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