Thursday, July 6, 2017

Q3: Summer is Busy!

I'm very pleased with the progress I made during Q2.  I finished three quilts (of four) and completed a couple other small projects that were never on my list:

Again, I have put off finishing my hand quilting project.  Perhaps Q3 will be the quarter when I conquer the beastie.  It's going to look so good when it's finally done.  My sewing room needs to turn into a guest room for a week so I'll try to have everything I need handy to finish that while I mourn the 7 day loss of my sewing machine.

The other project I would love to finish in the next three months is a Craftsy Class:  Magical Blocks out of the Box.  I decided to make things extra hard on myself by attempting a rainbow effect across the top.  I only have the large "R" block to make then I can piece it all and add the border.

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  1. You did well to get 3 projects completed last quarter. I look forward to seeing these 2 projects completed.