Thursday, August 17, 2017

Darth Vader

A year ago, I made R2D2 for a precious baby in our lives.  The story is that her Daddy liked it so much he wanted it for himself.  Mom said no so he asked me if I'd make one for him.

Here it is.

This is the second quilt I've made where I've liked the back better than the front.  The first is this quilt I made for my sister.

There's 20 - 30 hours of quilting in this roughly 80 x 80 quilt.  I lost track.  Perhaps I should invest in stop watches?  It took me three weeks of going straight to the sewing machine after work to get this done.

Mr Vader was so much fun to make and I learned a lot in the process.

One commission down.  Time for the next one :)

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Nutty August Goal

I've had a good quilt year.  I've finished six quilts that have just been hanging around feeling under appreciated.


Then a friend had a question.  I made his daughter an R2D2 quilt when she was born (click here) and he wanted his own since his wife wouldn't let him steal his child's.  LOL

So now I have a commission.  The pattern above is what we settled on.  It's going to be red instead white.  I have all the materials and the red bits all are all roughly cut.

Update:  Here's the red roughly placed on a black sandwich.  Time to move everything into position.

I need to put this one to bed (that feels like a pun to me) as soon as possible so that I can start another commission that came in a week after the first.  Eek.

My nutty goal this month is to FINISH THIS QUILT!!  I know.  It's gonna be a stretch.  Time to quilt!!

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