Friday, January 12, 2018

The Husband's Space Shuttle

Many years ago, after I made the Day Lilies, I said "never again" to complicated paper piecing.  Then my husband saw me browsing a Quilts with Style magazine and asked me to make him the shuttle he saw.  

How am I supposed to say no to that??

So I started the poor shuttle in 2014 and finally finished it last week. 

I chose to double the size of the pattern (it finishes at 48 x 48 now) so that I wouldn't be dealing with tiny bitty little pieces.

It hangs opposite his desk.


  1. That is fantastic - way to persevere!! I'm not a fan of paper piecing either - it totally feels all backwards and hurts my brain.

    Happy sewing ~ Tracy

    1. Yes! Backwards and brain hurting. The things one does for one's husband :D

  2. What a great wife you are! Your quilt looks so fabulous! I hope your next quilt is a simple patchwork.

  3. Very cool quilt!! I'm sure that your husband truly appreciates your effort. Obvious in the fact that he hung the quilt where he can always see it while working at his desk!

  4. How wonderful he must be so proud of you and his new quilt!

  5. That is a wonderful piece - definitely wall-hanging worthy!